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Technical Specifications

The Window Space itself needs to contain four room size spaces, that are safe, have adequate ventilation, heating and cooling and relatively quiet. The spaces need to be at least 4 metres in depth. Ideally the windows would be located in a pedestrian zone, or place where many people are comfortable to stand.

Backstage. There must be a sizeable private area connected to the windows to house the technical staff and props. The portable toilet can also be housed here. Ideally a telephone is present. This can become a very busy area, and needs to be comfortable and reasonably spacious.

Adequate lighting or provision to provide adaptable and good lighting.

Running water. There must be the possibility of plumbing two of the rooms, to install two sinks and a running shower. Hot and cold water need to be provided.

Adequate electricity. Multiple power points and extension cords for running appliances such as a refrigerator, stereo system, electric jug, toaster oven, computer, printer, modem, fax, answering machine.

Telephones. Lines need to be installed for a telephone, a fax and internet connection. The fax number, telephone number and internet number will be advertised in the window, and in all publicity.