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In a world where privacy is vanishing, come see your future

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Friday October 18th 1996
Saturday November 2nd 1996
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right.gifWho are these guys?
right.gifChat LIVE to the inhabitants
From 18th Oct, chat to the guys inside!
MYER window camera views
Images will be available from 18th October!
Send Email to Neil Thomas (inhabitant) NOW!
right.gifWritten thoughts

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For 16 days of the Melbourne International Festival, some of the city's finest street performers will be hermetically sealed behind the glass walls of MYER's Bourke Street (Melbourne, Australia) windows!

actors.gif - 16.9 KThese intrepid art-stronauts will translocate their entire lives to the heart of the city in a 24 hours a day, non-stop, incubation event. Without a curtain in sight. Watch them eat, sleep, entertain, perform.... in our very own biosphere experiment that is at the cutting edge of performance art.

Neil Thomas, the creative force behind the 1994 Festival's notorious Blue Boys, and his fellow art-stronauts will take audiences beyond the 'pane' barrier to celebrate the banal and usual, the bizarre, the unusual.

However, our men travelling through inner-urban space won't be totally isolated. They'll be linked to the super highways of cyber-space through this page! From October 18th, you'll also be able to view LIVE pictures of the inhabitants living inside the capsule. Watch them eat, sleep and perform from the comfort of your own urban capsule! If that's not enough, you'll be able to chat LIVE to the guys via this page!

If you can't wait till then, why not send Neil Thomas some ideas/thoughts before he is locked away. He'll be happy to correspond!

This is the most ambitious and exciting public event that Melbourne (and the world) is likely to see for quite a while! So don't just sit there, bookmark this page and stay tuned!