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Breaking through the pane barrier:
The performers, all stars of street theatre,communciate
with passers-by through the window at Myer's Bourke Street store.
The crowd was seven deep.
Myer, Bourke Street Mall,day seven: It was 8.15pm and they were still eating; the five of them sitting on one side of the table, as Jesus did with his chums in the Last Supper portraits. They were bald and wearing white shirts with red ties. Neil, Dave, Bruce, Nick and Andrew on the end, eating cheese.     "The Age Nov.3" 

The crowd at the windows was seven-deep, which means some 100 people were watching the men eat. They ate with enthusiasm,because this was their dinner; and they ate with the theatre of pretending. 
This is how they lived in the Myer windows for 16days....."