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The inclusion of the internet in the installation created a large amount of interest from the public and the media and creates the real possibility of world-wide participation.
It had prominent listing in several major computer magazines including ‘Australian Personal Computer’ and ‘The Australian Net Directory’.

During the installation over 100,000 hits were registered in the site.

The site would be specifically designed with the store, the sponsors and the country in mind, as well as keeping pace with the latest in technologies. The web-site would be created in collaboration with a French web company.

Naturally the site would need to be multi lingua, a meshing of French and English.. ca cest un experience!! our back stage staff, manning a machine will provide translations and answers to the emails and faxes we receive in a stream.

Technological Requirements:
There needs to be an open online internet connection.

The computer/ screen CPU printer, modem, keyboard, connection, video software, video camera need to be provided.

Installation of the computer and lines, web-site creation and site-maintenance would need to be provided.

Sponsorship possibility:

There is an enormous opportunity for a Computer Company or Internet Service Provider or Web Site Design Company or the store itself to gain a great deal of publicity from lending a computer etcs. for the duration of the event.