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THE URBAN DREAM CAPSULE was an unequivocal success for the Festival, and for the profile of outdoor performance in Melbourne. What can i say?.... those who witnessed the Urban Dream Capsule came away with an experience that I believe will remain with them for life, The overwhelming public and critical response is testament not only to the artistry of your performances, but to the honesty and integrity that you invested in the process of this unique event. Thank you again, and I wish you every success in future projects. 

yours sincerely Patrick Cronin Outdoor Program Co-ordinator, Melbourne International Festival.

“..the true hit of the Melbourne International Arts Festival will undoubtedly be the Urban Dream Capsule in Myer’s windows in Bourke Street. Any qualms about the relevance or importance of street theatre are utterly blown away by this superb and challenging piece of performance art.” The Age 2.11.96 

“the most remarkable event of the Melbourne festival has been a contribution called the Urban Dream Capsule in which five performers have lived in four of the Bourke Street windows of Myer for 16 days..... It is estimated by ecstatic store officials that some 200,000 people have witnessed this unique performance...” Leo Schofield Director of the Melbourne Festival as written in The Age Nov.2

“Perhaps the most widespread memory of the 1996 Festival will be of the weird bald guys in the Myer windows- the Urban Dream Capsule who have spent the two weeks sealed up on public display. Its estimated that more than 200,000 people have stopped, looked, scratched their heads, chuckled and moved on. “ Arts & About ed. Robin Usher The Age Nov.1 

“The queues around the windows at Myer. where five shaved chaps in suits are living, were 15 deep all day long, and quite a bit of the night too.” Sydney Morning Herald Oct.28