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“At any time day or night, there are at least 50 people watching or trying to communicate with the men inside. People are transfixed by the spectacle, bonded by a sneaky sense of voyeurism coupled with outright fascination. The creator, Neil Thomas, and his co-performers...., have created something both marvellous and disturbing, that has an impact on everyone who sees it.” The Age Oct.26

“the boldest and most successful venture was the Urban Dream Capsule.” The Age 5.11.96

“The windows in Bourke St. were smudged with love” Sydney morning Herald Nov.4

Dear Neil, I wish to extend a personal thanks to you for your contribution to this year’s Melbourne festival. It was a delight to work with you from the very beginning of the project. Your unswerving, vision and professionalism made for a very clear understanding of how all parties could best realise the project, whilst maintaining the integrity of the work..... I am sure that many other cities will open their hearts to THE URBAN DREAM CAPSULE some time in the future. with best regards Patrick Cronin Outdoor Program Co-ordinator, Melbourne International Festival

“The Urban Dream Capsule was the most brilliant inclusion in the festival. Short of Christo wrapping the Arts Centre or the state government declaring free public transport at week-ends, its difficult to create a unifying atmosphere in a city of Melbourne’s size. But the five brave men of the Urban Dream Capsule, who for 16 days were locked in the windows of Myer in Bourke St., did just that, with more than 150,000 people seeing them turn life’s mundane details (such as brushing one’s teeth) into art.” The Age, Nov.4

THE URBAN DREAM CAPSULE was an unequivocal success for the Festival, and for the profile of outdoor performance in Melbourne. What can i say?.... those who witnessed the Urban Dream Capsule came away with an experience that I believe will remain with them for life, The overwhelming public and critical response is testament not only to the artistry of your performances, but to the honesty and integrity that you invested in the process of this unique event. Thank you again, and I wish you every success in future projects.

yours sincerely Patrick Cronin Outdoor Program Co-ordinator, Melbourne International Festival.