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Technical Requirements

  • The festival needs to provide a suitable site for the show.
  • The site needs to be a large, clear shop window space that is prominent within the town. A prestigious and conservative store is good.
  • It is preferable if images of the window and a floor plan is presented to the artist prior to further arrangements.
  • The space must be easily large enough to house 5 mannequins and it is assumed that there is no security risk.
  • The space must be adequately lit.
  • The space must be adequately ventilated. It is preferable to have at least one large ventilator fan installed.
  • The festival or the store must provide 5 director style chairs or the equivalent.
  • The store needs to provide an adequate change room with a mirror and easy access to running water.
  • Stores are often more than happy to provide clothing for the mannequins,
    as people are staring at their merchandise for hours on end.
  • If they wish to, they need to provide:
    5 white XL shirts
    5 XL jackets preferably dark blue
    5 size 32-34 trousers preferably dark blue
    5 pairs of appropriate shoes size 10-11
    5 trouser belts.
    (If they canít or wonít then I will provide the costumes.)
  • A set-up time of at least a day is required and bump-out is immediately after the final performance.