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Blue Boys.The perplexed eye hesitates on the edge of illusion,
just long enough to smile before drifting
into the imaginary world of the Blue Boys.

A mime and four blue replicas of himself peacefully installed inside a shop window.

The set-up is serene.

An image of beauty, an illusion of life.

An eye(I) at the centre of a storm of questions born in the street.

Who are those blue boys? Which ones are real? Are they all real? Are none?

· On show 24 hours a day.
A permanent installation,
the blue boys are there from morning till night.
But is the real one there?

The authenticity of the replicas perpetuates the illusion.

· "A captivating phenomenon".

"The street is entranced by the blue boys. "

"It is a fascinating enigma. "

People look at each other, talk to each other, they dream and laugh together.

A performance that is on both sides of the glass.

"An arresting popularity! "

The simplicity of the installation and the permanency
of the show are considerable assets for the festival
which welcomes the Blue Boys and for the shop which houses them.