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and then.
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1  jan the director of cultural festivities in gent, belgium (in flemish) 
2.our stage manager tells it as it is. pulling no punches (in english, mostly) 
3 richard jeziorny the designer of the capsule shares his thoughts (in english) 
4.  fabien audooren explains some of the gent festival logic 
5.encapsulee david wells talks about the FIRST DAY AND NIGHT INSIDE.(english) 
6.encapsulee andrew morrish discusses cultural differences(english) 
7.encapsulee nick papas on DAY THREE talks about the differences and similarities of dream capsule experiences  
8.neil finally has his say on day 7  
9. nicko 2am.  lets us in on the first day proper of the festival  
10. david wells sends cheerios and sings on day 10 |NEW|
11. neil on friday night  [more new]
12. last night, andrew morrish
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